Out of all the services we offer, the most important is our ability to listen.  This enables us to utilize our skills and complete a project with the vision and timeline intact.

Our firm is involved from the beginning. We review architect plans, and work closely with the architect to complete all design & architectural  documents to get accurate bids from the general contractor.

Linc Hospitality has the capabilities of handling all of our clients individual needs.  We have worked on everything from small franchise properties, to full service hotel chains.

Here at Linc, we can furnish your property with quality and cost effective products for your interiors.


  • Budget

    We work on specifications & choices to meet owner’s needs and budget.

  • Specifications

    We make complete specifications books with vendor’s names & addresses for future re-orders.

  • Buy Direct

    We buy directly from manufacturers at national rates, saving you time and money.

  • Multiple Bids

    We bid out products with multiple vendors for best choices & pricing.

  • Logistics

    We work with project coordinators to bring in all freight so installation can go smoothly & timely.

  • Accuracy

    We coordinate all field measurements for accuracy of product for minimal waste.